About Me

Hard core digital marketer with 10+ years of experience in advertising and social media marketing. Helping people scale their business online. 

Nikhil Parihar - Digital Marketing Consultant

About Me

I started my digital marketing journey in 2011. When I started out, Facebook organic reach was a thing. Since then I have worked with 110+ satisfied clients from small business owners to very large organizations, and helped them launch/scale their business with Facebook Ads, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. 

✅ Spent $5+ Million worth of ad spend on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Quora to drive 300% to 500% ROI for my clients.

✅ Shared my learning with 5000+  people and trained them on practical digital marketing strategies.

✅ Built and managed communities with millions of followers on various social media platforms.

Years of Experience

Clients and Projects

Specialized in

Facebook Ads Expert
LinkedIn Ads Expert

Want Help with your business?

I have been in digital marketing industry for more than 10 years now, and have help more than 110+ clients to grow their business.

My Journey

I am an IT engineering graduate who realized  later that marketing is something I am really good at, or that’s what people say.

I am on a mission to help people make a living doing what they love to do.

I love helping people overcome marketing related problems in their businesses.


Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

Working full time as a digital marketing consultant, freelancer and digital marketing trainer.


Digital Marketing Trainer

Started training people on digital marketing in various offline and online institutes.


Digital Marketing Manager

Started working full time with various companies on their digital marketing projects as well as continued my freelance journey.


Freelance Marketing

When I was in college, I was looking for ways to make money online. And stumbled upon Facebook pages and WordPress websites. Which was start of my freelance journey.

I love sharing what I learnt. Check out Free Digital Marketing Course

What People Say

Very professional and knows a lot about Facebook ads. He was very easy to communicate with. He kept in contact to make sure everything was going good. The ad copy turned out great. I started getting engagement as soon as the ads started running. I would highly recommend his services and plan to work with him for a long term.
Oliver Goodman
Nikhil is genuinely the best person I've worked with. He has gone above and beyond to deliver amazing work. I am so pleased and will definitely be working with him again. If you need anyone to help with marketing - this is the person!
Emma Stone
He has awesome communication skills and developed a thorough facebook marketing strategy for my business. Not only did he do audience targeting research for my product, but he wrote the ad copy and chose the best pictures from my website for the ad. I look forward to our continued partnership throughout this entire ad campaign and beyond.
Nathalie Moore
Nikhil did an excellent job and was able to get my product in front of over 100K people without having a huge advertising budg
Luiz Enrique